A few lines of confession

Yesterday and this morning, a few close friends in life and in martial arts asked me: This year's martial arts exhibition did not see your Dojo participate?
The dojo of our teachers and students is currently empty, currently there are only about 40 people in total.
For the past 18 years, our Dojo has mostly participated in the Hanoi Martial Arts Association's annual shows.
For the above reasons, in order not to waste the time of the Exhibition with performances that are not attractive to viewers as well as difficult to score for the Arbitration Council, I and the Head of the Dojo, Master Tran Thanh Ngoc decided to
I hope everyone as well as the Board of Directors of the Hanoi Martial Arts Association sympathize with the Martial Arts School.
When practicing at the Dojo, I often tell my fellow students that I practice for myself, not for anyone else.
We teachers and students all understand: the sea of ​​learning is boundless, this mountain is high and there are other mountains higher;
Therefore, we respectfully ask for everyone's forgiveness for the Dojo not being able to participate in the Martial Arts Exhibition.
We, teachers and students, would like to sincerely thank and appreciate everyone's generosity.
Hanoi, July 22, 2023
Head Master of the Vietnamese Wing Chun Noi Gia Quyen Dojo
Nguyen Ngoc Noi