Genealogy of the Wing Chun Buddhist family

Vietnamese branch of Wing Chun Inner Family Fist of Master Nguyen Te Cong


In fact, the history of Wing Chun has many different nuances and guidance, and even has different starting points.

Based on the words of my master (the late martial arts master Tran Thuc Tien), I wrote and published in Today magazine.Vietnamese Wing Chun: Past and Present Secrets';

We built a website about Wing Chun first of all to honor the sect, honor the efforts of the masters and masters who have put so much effort into creating the exercises and techniques of Wing Chun, creating
Through researching genealogies, writings and personal thoughts (on the basis of Wing Chun exercises and techniques), I see the most notable origins in the Wing Chun genealogy, which are the
“Later, I accidentally discovered some information about Than Thu Ngu, in ancient bibliographies about Chinese Opera, related to the origin of Wing Chun.
Another information on page 631 of volume 3 of Mang Yui's "History of Chinese Opera", printed by Chuen Kay Publishing House in 1968: "For some reasons, Truong Ngu could not stay in the capital and had to hide.
Thus, the martial arts in Hong Hoa Hoi Quan have the martial arts identity of Master Truong Ngu.
In terms of time, Truong Ngu was in the Yongzheng period (1723 - 1736) and the Patriarch Ngu Mai Shi Ba was in the Kangxi period (1622 - 1722).
In this genealogy (and I think in many genealogies of Wing Chun or Wing Chun), Hong Hoa Hoi Quan is an important period in the history of all aspects of the Wing Chun sect.
But no matter what, the obvious existence is that the basic exercises and techniques of Wing Chun still exist and are passed down.
Martial arts master - engineer Nguyen Ngoc Noi
Recently I received some opinions from the brothers about the arrangement of generations in the family tree. It's about the late Master Ngo Sy Quy learning Wing Chun from Master Nguyen Te Cong and then studying from the late Master Tran Thuc Tien.
According to the website:
Due to the circumstances of the late master Tran Thuc Tien, for about 10 years the late master Tran Thuc Tien did not teach Wing Chun (from 1959 - 1969).
When building the sect's genealogy, I consulted some documents and also learned that the late master Ngo Sy Quy had time to study Wing Chun from the late master Tran Thuc Tien.