Technical law

Writing (or talking) about Wing Chun exercises and techniques is a very difficult thing.

In the article 'Vietnamese Wing Chun - past and present secrets' published in Nay Nay magazine (mouthpiece of the Vietnam UNESCO Club Association) No. 23 (December 2003), I wrote about the summary.

To practice Wing Chun, practitioners need to have a very high belief, mindset, perseverance, and diligence.
So it can be understood that the number of exercises of the Wing Chun style is not much.
First of all, you must know that Wing Chun is a soft martial art (Noi Gia Quan).
Except for exercise 108 (on the spot, forward and backward, with wood people), Wing Chun boxing revolves around the techniques of five forms: Snake, Dragon, Tiger, Leopard, Crane.
Lesson 108, this is the most basic and also the most advanced form in Wing Chun martial arts.
Note: On September 30, 2004, Master Nguyen Manh Nham, my senior brother (Nguyen Ngoc Noi), discussed with me the opinions of Master Do Tuan, Master Thuy and a number of other masters in
Some special training methods: in the process of practicing Wing Chun, these are often forms of training taught directly by the teacher.
  • Exercising: strenuous exercises are often directly taught and instructed by the teacher.
  • Spiritual practice: this is a form (method) of practice that is talked about and taught by many branches of Wing Chun (Wing Chun).
  • Practicing "Qi": simply understood, first is practicing breathing and then conducting air.
  • Some methods and principles that must be understood and practiced at the same time in the process of practicing boxing: "Three stars", "Inner three", "Outer three", "Six combinations", "That original",
  • There is also a special practice method that is esoteric in nature, only transmitted directly from teacher to student, "without any written record".
About Wing Chun exercises and techniques (Wing Chun) over the years there have been too many documents (books, articles in newspapers, magazines, on websites).
Martial arts master - engineer Nguyen Ngoc Noi