During the process of exchange and learning, some sects have used different terms in Wing Chun.
Sino-Vietnamese - Chinese characters - Common English transliterationsNote
Drill - Drill.
Visible Attack Image Invisible Attack Photo
Friendly Photo Continues to Save Forever
Lien Tieu Dai Da Bang Bu Dinh Luu
Return to the Past and the Song of Songs, Sailors and Soldiers
Some conclusions in Wing Chun
Absolutely Not Lying Earth Di Di Hand Vi Cong
Dich Nhat Mobile Center Di Khong
The Hand of the Mind Generates the Cause of Children's Time
Di Cong Vi Thu, First Phat Cong Nhan
Some conclusions in Wing Chun
Second Character Qian Yang Ma/ 二 字 钳 羊 马 /Yee Chi Kim Yeung MaBasic stance, two feet parallel in a two-shaped shape
Little Idea Form/ 小念 頭 /(Siu Nim Tao) Litle Idea FormBasic boxing exercises of some Wing Chun sects
Thu Dau Quan /手頭拳 - Basic hand techniquesBasic boxing exercises of Vietnamese Wing Chun
Chum Kiu/ 撏 橋 / Chum Kiu - Seeking BridgeIntermediate boxing lessons of some Wing Chun sects
Tieu Chi /標指 / Biu tze - Darting FingerAdvanced intermediate boxing lessons of some Wing Chun sects
Moc Nhan Thung/ 木人樁/ Muk Yan Chong - Wooden DummyAdvanced Quan exercises of some Wing Chun sects
Li Thu /黐 手 /Chi Sau, Chi Sao - Sticky HandA term for "Intuition" in English books and newspapers
Than Thu/ 摊 手 / Tan Sau, Palm-up HandWing Chun open hand position
Bang Thu /膀手 / Bong sau,Wing Chun's side hand position
Fook Sau/ 伏 手 / Fook sau, Bridge-on ArmHidden hand position of Wing Chun
Canh Thu/ 耕 手/ Garn SauHand in hand in some Wing Chun sects
Kun Shou/ 滾 手 /Kwun-sau,Hand in hand in some Wing Chun sects
Tram Thu/ 抌 手 /Jum sauHand in hand in some Wing Chun sects
Giving-up Force / 抬 力 (Exhausting force) / Giving-up ForceWing Chun boxing principles
Borrowing Force/借 力 (Borrowing Force).Wing Chun boxing principles
Ta Luc/ 卸 力 (Drive Force)Wing Chun boxing principles
Code Switch/ 轉 馬 - Change stanceTransform attack
Tua Ma/ 坐 马Keep tons
Eight Cutting Knives/ 八斩刀/ Bart Cham Dao - Eight Cutting KnivesSong Dao, Ho Diep Dao,
Six and half point pole / Luk Dim Boon Kwun - Six and half point poleWing Chun technique
Flute highwayGather exercises according to the textbook
Tan Thuc/ 散 式/ San sikA set of additional exercises
Five Animal Forms /五形拳/Five Animal Forms5 intermediate forms of Wing Chun
Ngu Mai Su Thai/ 五枚 師 太/ Ng Mui Si TaiNames of some masters in Wing Chun history
Yim Wing Chun/ 嚴 永 春/ Yim Wing Chun, Vingtsun, WengChun
Bach My
Mieu Hien/ 苗 睍/ Miu Hin
Chi Thien Zen Master/ 至 善 禪 師/ Chi Shin
Leung Bok Chau/梁博儔/Leung Bok Chau
Luong Lan Que / 梁 兰 桂
Truong Ngu (Than ThuLived around the first half of the 18th century.
Wong Wah Bo/ 黄 华 宝/ Wong Wah BoTeach Hoac Bao Toan and Phung Thieu Thanh
Luong Nhi De/ 梁 二 娣 /Leung Yee Tai
La Van Cung /罗 晚 恭
Luc Cam (Dai Fa Min Kam) /陸 锦 (大 华 面 锦)/ (Dai Fa Min Kam)Teach Hoac Bao Toan and Phung Thieu Thanh
Luc Lan Quan (Dai Hoa Dien Tan Cam)/ 陸 兰官(大 华面 新 锦)/ San KamTeach Phung Thieu Thanh
Le Phuc Ton/ 黎 福 孙
Hoac Bao Toan/ 霍 保 全 /Fok Bo Chuen (Song Dao Hoac)
Luong Tan/ 梁 赞/ Leung Jan
Phung Thieu Thanh/ 冯 少 青/ Fung Siu Ching
Quach Bao Toan/ 郭 宝 全Could it be Hoac Bao Toan?
Chan Wah Shan
Luong Bich/ 梁 壁/ Leung Bik
Nguyen Te Van/ 阮 济 云/ (Mr. Te Cong, Tai Cong, Lao Tu, Te Face Ro),
Nguyen Ky Son/ 阮 其 山/ Yuen Kay Shan
Ip Man/ 叶 问/ Yip Man
Thank you, sirPhan Anh Dung