Article by the late master Luc Vien Khai

Today, while reviewing some old documents, I re-read an article by the late martial arts master Luc Vien Khai, an uncle of mine.

In addition to shedding tears of sympathy for the deceased, I took the opportunity to write about martial arts, swordsmanship, and the six points of selling sticks of the "Ving Xuan" sect so that friends in Hong Kong, far away from Vietnam, will have a deep understanding of the martial arts of the sect.
In the North of Vietnam, this sect has been circulating for a long time, but in the South, it has only been here for more than 10 years when Grand Master Nguyen Te Cong evacuated and brought it in, but few people have received it.
In 1966, the author briefly introduced five volumes of the Chinese newspaper "Far East Daily" about Wing Chun martial arts, but at that time it did not receive much attention.
This sect takes "Three Stars" and "Five Forms" as its credo, and takes "That Dao".
The initial exercises are also practiced in the "standing in the alkaline position".
... Its characteristic is not to practice attacks separately, practice hands separately, but combine exercises to practice attacks and hands at the same time to avoid wasting time.
Once you have mastered it, continue practicing "destroying attacks", meaning both avoiding attacks and hitting.
Luc Vien Khai

Hopefully some of the above quotes can be of some help to those who love Wing Chun when learning about it.
Sincerely thank you for your interest in and love for the Vietnamese Wing Chun Noi Gia Quyen Dojo of our teachers and students.
Hanoi May 16, 2018
Master Nguyen Ngoc Noi