Celebrating the 2018 Death Anniversary

Yesterday, July 1, 2018, or May 18, Mau Tuat year, was the death anniversary of Master Nguyen Te Cong, the Master of Vietnamese Wing Chun, who brought to Vietnam an extremely valuable martial art.

In front of the altar of the Master, we teachers and students respectfully offered the Wing Chun Patriarchs, Master Nguyen Te Cong, my master, and the late Master Tran Thuc Tien, fragrant incense sticks and all our sincere hearts.

In Poland, during the death anniversary ceremony, I announced the successful practice of Nei Kung, the highest technique in Vinh Xuan Noi, to student Do Van Hoa.

I am so happy, now I have 12 students who can replace me to teach VXNG's advanced techniques in the dojo.

We teachers and students are extremely happy to have inherited the quintessence of VXNG that my Master Nguyen Te Cong and my Master Tran Thuc Tien passed down.

Also yesterday, Mr. Phuong, my student in Poland who went to China to work, replaced me to meet Mr. Nguyen To Duong, grandson of Master Nguyen Ky Son, younger brother of Master Nguyen Te.

We teachers and students sincerely pray that the Patriarchs in the sect, Master Nguyen Te Cong, my master Tran Thuc Tien and the other masters in the sect, will always be cool and warm in the nine streams and bless the discipline.
Warsaw July 1, 2018
Head of VXNG martial arts school - master Nguyen Ngoc Noi