Grandfather's death anniversary in 2020

Today, July 8, 2020 is May 18, year of the Rat, the main death anniversary of Master Nguyen Te, Master of Vinh Xuan Vietnam.
Because Poland is still in a dangerous epidemic stage, my students only go to Dai Nghia Hall one at a time (not all at the same time) to burn incense to pay their respects to the Master.
In Vietnam, because my house was also cramped, the classes took turns coming to burn incense to pay homage to the Master from around 9:00 a.m. to the afternoon.
Master Tran Thanh Ngoc, Head of the Martial Arts School, discussed with the brothers in the VĐ about the VĐ's feelings and the necessary things in doing things towards deep gratitude to Master Nguyen Te Cong.
We would like to sincerely share with you about the most important day of the year for our teachers and students.
Sincerely thank you for the love you have given to our teachers and students over the years.
Hanoi, July 8, 2020
Master Nguyen Ngoc Noi