In early spring, we discussed following and practicing Vinh Xuan Noi Gia

Years ago, I wrote clearly in volume 1 of the 5-volume book series "Vietnam Wing Chun Noi Gia Quyen Phap" (published in the first volume in 2007) as well as in a number of articles sharing about the time and practice.
Many people understand the word "SUCCESS" in practice and in life from very different perspectives.
In martial arts, especially in the Inner House disciplines, the predecessors clearly divided two important parts in the boxing system: the FIGHT TRAINING part and the FUNCTIONAL PRACTICE part.
VXNG's boxing system is also divided into two distinct parts: FIGHT TRAINING part and FUNCTION TRAINING part.
The boxing training section in VXNG is divided into 3 (three) programs with basic content along with (basic) time to practice, specifically as follows:
Program A (basic program), this is a program to practice basic knowledge of a boxing system in the entire Internal Wing Chun martial arts system.
Program B (comprehensive basic advanced program).
Comprehensive program (temporarily called Program C).
So just the boxing training part in VXNG, the practice time (on average) must be 6 - 8 years.
EXERCISES section:
The exercise part in VXNG is divided into 3 (three) specific parts (see volume 5 in the 5-volume book series "Vietnam Wing Chun Noi Gia Quyen Phap", page 99).
I would like to not go into details about the exercises.
Finally, there are two weapon lessons: Bat Bat Dao and Con.
Thus, to fully practice the VXNG boxing system (both FUN TRAINING and LUAN GONG), the time (on average) is around 10 years.
Speaking more about practice time, I also have to share with everyone, with the teachings of my master in the past and mine over the years, there are always special cases with very short practice time.
Using this article, I also ask everyone to understand: VXNG contains a very high DAO, this is not a martial arts club, nor is it a playground.
A few things were exchanged, which was actually quite long.
Thank you very much for caring.
Wishing everyone, every home, a new year of Ky Hoi that is always healthy, peaceful, full of peace, all the best wishes and complete happiness.
January 8, Year of the Pig,
That is February 12, 2019
Master Nguyen Ngoc Noi