Leg rotation - the miracle in the training methods of Internal Wing Chun

In the book "Ni Gia Wing Chun Nourishing", my master Nguyen Ngoc Noi wrote: "Leg rotation - The miracle in Noi Gia Vinh Xuan conditioning and martial arts".
The world has many specific training methods for the soles of the feet, such as: foot massage method, foot rubbing method, Dung Tuyen acupressure, foot lifting, applying medicinal plaster to the soles of the feet every night...
With VXNG, foot rotation is a training method that can be considered a combination of all existing foot-related training methods (except the medical plaster method).
For women, rotating their legs also brings great benefits in making the face as relaxed and soft as possible, leading to a very good and beautiful complexion.
I would like to share these feelings after years of practicing Vinh Xuan Noi Gia to hope that we women will also have the same experience when practicing Vinh Xuan Noi Gia, the martial art of women, the martial art taught by the Master.
Thank you very much for everyone's attention.
Hanoi, July 29, 2023
Master Nguyen Hai Yen