Martial Arts Master conferment ceremony in 2023 in Vietnam

Yesterday, June 11, 2023, our teachers and students were very pleased to hold the Ceremony to confer the title of Vinh Xuan Noi Gia Master for 2 members of the Dojo: Mr. Dang Hoai Linh and Mr. Tran Van Ha. become a martial arts master to succeed me in preserving and teaching to develop the Internal Wing Chun discipline.
At today's ceremony, our teachers and students were also very happy to have martial arts master Nguyen Ngoc Tien, representative of Dai Nghia VXNG Martial Arts School in Poland, currently in Vietnam attend.
After the two new masters presented their abilities in internal Wing Chun Internal Kung Fu, the highest skill in the VXNG boxing system to be able to become a Teacher in the VXNG sect, I let the master, Head of the Dojo,
Master Tran Thanh Ngoc and Master Nguyen Ngoc Tien are two martial arts masters among my students who have been successfully taught VXNG Internal Kung Fu by me, and have successfully directly taught VXNG Internal Kung Fu to their disciples.
After taking commemorative photos on the happy day of the Dojo, our teachers and students enjoyed the festival together, receiving the Loc of the sect Patriarchs.
I would like to sincerely share the great happiness in my life as a Vinh Xuan Inner Family Teacher as well as the great joy of the Vietnamese Vinh Xuan Noi Gia Quyen Dojo of our teachers and students.
I am very grateful to my students who have trusted and stuck with me over the years and are still practicing with me now.
I sincerely thank and appreciate the care, support, and help of my students' families and everyone for our teachers and students.
Hanoi on June 12, 2023
Master of the Dojo
Nguyen Ngoc Noi