Master conferment ceremony in 2023 in Poland

Today, April 16, 2023, a beautiful day.
I am so happy to have another student following the path of Noi Vinh Xuan.
Up to now, after 16 years since the establishment of the Dai Nghia Wing Chun Noi Gia Dojo in Poland, November 16, 2007, there have been ten (10) of my students at Dai Nghia Dojo.
With nearly twenty of my students in both Vietnam and Poland practicing Vinh Xuan Noi Gia, I am extremely happy.
Today is a beautiful day, a meaningful ceremony in many ways, and will be the beginning of joy and happiness for me, a teacher, and also for the Noi Gia Vinh Xuan Dojo of teachers and students.
I would like to sincerely share the joy and happiness of our teachers and students on the Vinh Xuan Noi Gia path with everyone.
Sincere thanks and gratitude for everyone's attention and help to our teachers and students as well as our Dojos in both Vietnam and Poland.
Warsaw, April 16, 2023
Master of the Dojo
Nguyen Ngoc Noi