Memories of a Sacred and Deep Trip

This morning, July 7, 2020, a friend asked me: why did I have to look for Mr. Nguyen Te Cong's grave when I saw the teacher writing, when in Saigon, Mr. Nguyen Te Cong also taught some students?
I thanked him for asking and I also told him to go to the VD website to see articles related to finding my Master's grave since 2005. At that time, it was possible that the war in the South had dragged on.
Thank you for your love for our teachers and students.
Over the years, with deep gratitude to Master Nguyen Te Cong - the person who brought the essence of the Wing Chun sect to us Vietnamese people - I have set my mind to find out where he rests so that I can
From the time we groped for the old address of the Master's family - Dong Khanh alley, Cho Lon - then published it in Saigon Giai Phong newspaper (in 3 installments) hoping to find it through readers, until we
The good news came to me a few days ago when I opened the second class at the dojo.
The next morning (September 28, 2005), following Mr. Quang's instructions, my teacher and I went to where Mr. Quang worked. It was a pleasure to meet him.
The next morning (September 29, 2005), when I met Mr. Thanh again, I expressed my wish to renovate the Master's tomb.
For many years now, we have not had the conditions to carry out the responsibilities of descendants to our ancestors.
During the 6 days my teacher and I were in Ho Chi Minh City, after visiting, preparing, and repairing the Master's tomb, after talking and confiding with Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh, I met and talked with Mr.
In this sincere emotion that has not yet subsided, I would like to share with my fellow disciples, the descendants of the Master, and with you who love Wing Chun, and love the Wing Chun branch of the Master.
[Article published in Today Magazine, Tet Binh Tuat issue under the title "The touching story of a person looking for roots"]
Hanoi, October 6, 2005
Head Master - Head Master of VNVXNGQ Martial Arts School
Martial arts master - Engineer Nguyen Ngoc Noi