Memories of my master

Yesterday, February 4, i.e. December 19, Year of the Rooster in Poland and today February 5, 2018, i.e. December 20, year of Dinh Dau in Vietnam, teachers and students together lit fragrant incense sticks.

For the past 38 years, although he has been absent from this world, every day, my devoted students and I still receive good spiritual energy from his statue, from his photo, from his tomb, every time we burn incense at the temple.

For the past 38 years, every time the anniversary of his death approaches, every time I go to his grave to burn incense, and even when there are problems in the process of practicing and teaching, I burn incense to hope for his guidance and support.

I am happy to have done many things that my master told me to do and also regretfully repent before my master for the things I have not done.
We, teachers and students, vow to never betray the virtue and deep gratitude of our master as well as that of Master Nguyen Te Cong and the masters in the sect.
I pray that the souls of the Patriarchs, Master Nguyen Te Cong and my Master Tran Thuc Tien will always be cool in the nine springs and bless the Wing Chun sect to develop well, bless us teachers and students.

Hanoi February 5, 2018
(i.e. December 20, Year of the Rooster)
Nguyen Ngoc Noi