Half an hour ago, I just finished watching the program Essence of Martial Arts on An Vien Television (the program started at 8:30 p.m.) in which the program broadcast some content I shared about Buddhism and martial arts.
When the program Essence of Martial Arts on An Vien Television asked me to discuss and share the content of Buddhism in martial arts, I realized that this is a very deeply meaningful thing in today's martial arts life.
I officially started studying martial arts with my teacher in 1966 in my hometown, after my family returned home to evacuate in 1965.
At that time, I had no understanding of Buddhism at all.
In fact, according to my perception and research, I must affirm that Buddha nature has been present in martial arts for thousands of years, since the formation of the Shaolin sect at Shaolin Temple - China.
As I wrote above: right from the moment I started practicing martial arts, in my heart I absorbed the advice: practice martial arts only to keep yourself, don't fight indiscriminately and create bad karma, then bring suffering to yourself.
In reality, in life, not everyone who practices martial arts thinks that martial arts has Buddhist qualities.
I built the Dojo's criteria: HEALTH, COURAGE
In a 2007 article, "Buddha nature in martial arts and in the Wing Chun internal martial arts style" (published in New World Magazine, No-736, May 28, 2007 under the title "Buddha nature
In this article, I would like to share what the program editor asked me: "Have you ever felt angry when people said that your martial arts lacked practicality and were not called martial arts?".
We teachers and students are so happy to be walking on the VXNG path.
Hanoi August 28, 2020
Master Nguyen Ngoc Noi