Some discussions about the purposes of practicing VXNG

Through some discussions from some brothers about my recent sharing about the practice process over the past 50 years, I also want to share more specifically with my students in both Vietnam and Poland about
At the VXNG dojo of our teachers and students, I also shared a lot about this issue with my brothers and sisters during the training process at the dojo.
After practicing Shaolin for a while, through a number of reasons during my practice, I began to spend time learning about Eastern Philosophy, including Buddhism and medicine (Chinese).
Regarding the word Khiêm in martial arts, I have also discussed a lot in the martial arts studio.
Practicing (learning) martial arts first gives you health, this is the number 1 most important thing. If you are not healthy or have no strength, then hitting your opponent will hardly be effective.
With the teaching: "To be successful on the path of life, no matter in any aspect, you must first have morality with two iron arms and a smart mind", we must understand that it is talking about the trinity.
Complying with the principle of "Learn martial arts for self-defense, not martial arts to fight people", in the dojo, I forbid my students to "trial sparring", I also clearly state this in the Dojo's Regulations.
Using this article, I would like to share something important in training in the VXNG dojo of our teachers and students with you.

My sharing above may be long, but I feel that this is enough for the ideas I want to share.
The teacher thanked the students for complying with his requests regarding the above as well as other requirements during the training process.
I thank you for your sympathy and love for our teachers and students as well as the VNVXNGQ dojo of our teachers and students in both Vietnam and Poland and my articles.
We hope everyone will forgive you if you read this article and find it inconsistent with your thoughts.
Sincerely thank you all.
Warsaw April 8, 2019
Master Nguyen Ngoc Noi