Recently, after the article I wrote about the Wing Chun Noi Gia kung fu system, I mentioned: Practicing Vinh Xuan Noi Gia is the practice of "DYNAMIC LIFE", some of you asked me about this issue and asked me to elaborate further.
I would like your permission to quote passages from this book that (in my opinion) are necessary to clearly state what you asked me about "PARALLEL LIFE":
True to the title of Dual Cultivation of Life, Thien Chi has collected the basics of Buddhism to present the part of cultivating the mind and cultivating nature.
Regarding cultivating one's life and practicing the physical body to be healthy and live long, Thien Chi has collected and extracted useful points from the practice methods of Taoism and Yoga.” (FOREWORD by THUAN TAM. Page 7)
Normally, people who study the Tao only focus on the Mind (cultivate the Mind, Nurture the Nature).
The boat symbolizes the body and the big river symbolizes the Tao.
Therefore, those who study the Tao must first worry about cultivating the body” (page 14, cited book)
Cultivating Nature and Cultivating Life, when first heard, we think they are two separate things. In truth, they go together and are not separate or divided as we think.
Nature belongs to Mind. ” (page 16 of cited book).
To Cultivate Nature, in the book, Thien Chi mentioned the need to understand "Four Noble Truths: Suffering, Origin, Cessation, Path", Right "Tri Gioi Hanh” and must “MEDITATION”. If you want to cultivate your nature, you must know Meditation because Meditation is the main door that Buddhists must pass through. .
To cultivate life, Thien Chi wrote clearly: “If we want to master our body, we must first master the parts of our body. Therefore, in Tu Mang, Thien Chi has introduced the following contents: CONTROLLING (controlling breathing at will); Fasting is a way to detoxify or purify our bodies, but also a punishment for our negligence in nutrition...
Shakyamuni Buddha did not eat or drink for 49 days and nights under the Bodhi tree to find the truth.
Thien Chi also gave us some advice: “Let us try our best to practice, one day the Master will come to us. ”.
“…in Europe since ancient times, Mr. Juvenal has gathered his ideal of self-cultivation in one immortal sentence: “Mens sana in copore sano” for a temporary translation;
With a few quotes from the book "PARALLEL LIFE" by author Thien Chi, I hope you will join me in looking at this issue positively.
Thank you very much
Hanoi March 10, 2018