As everyone knows, nowadays there are many books and articles written about MEDITATION and things related to MEDITATION.
Talking about the history of MEDITATION, it is difficult for anyone to know when MEDITATION existed.
Allow me to sincerely add: if someone has time, they should read the two books I cited above: the five-book series "WHERE DO WE EXIT FROM" (each volume has its own title).
The history of MEDITATION was only recorded in writing about 6,000 years ago through the Vedas (this scripture is considered the root scripture of Brahmanism - India).
I do not have the conditions to learn about other meditation methods, I only practice Meditation according to "Contemplation Meditation", Yoga Meditation (Raja Yoga) and Meditation according to VXNG.
Among the methods I followed before following VXNG's Zen, I have not yet passed the First Zen level.
With "MODITIONING THE MIND", saying these two words is simple, but to do it is a huge feat, not everyone can go to the end.
As in the book THE TAO OF PHYSICS (page 37), it is written: "Zen Buddhism clearly says that people can use their fingers to point to the moon, but once they see the moon, they should forget about their fingers."
The First Patriarch of Chinese Zen Buddhism, Bodhidharma, the 28th Buddha from the World-Honored One, said about Zen Buddhism as follows: "No writing is established, Teachings are transmitted from outside, Directly pointing to the human mind, Realizing the nature is achieved.
People who practice Zen, based on the goals Zen has set, must realize their own enlightenment through each stage, on the basis of complete body and mind, and cannot rely on anyone.
MEDITATION, this is an extremely sublime field and is the only way for those who practice, practice, and cultivate to achieve their ultimate goal.
Sincere thanks and gratitude to everyone for your interest, encouragement and sympathy.
Full moon day of April, Buddha's birthday in the year of the Rat - 2020
Master Nguyen Ngoc Noi