Visiting Master Te Cong and his family

Yesterday, September 9, 2019, two of our teachers and students, myself and Mr. Tran Thanh Ngoc, who has now replaced me as Head of the Vietnamese Wing Chun Noi Gia Quyen Dojo, went to Ho Chi Minh City to pay our respects to Master. Lai Thieu page.
After 1:30 p.m., we arrived at Lai Thieu cemetery, where the Patriarch and Grandmother rested.

In early January 2019, both of us teachers and students also paid respects to the Master, Master Mother Dam Thieu Quynh and the Master's two children on the occasion of the end of the Year of the Dog.
After we teachers and students paid our respects to the Master and Mother Master, I went to work with the Cemetery Management Board on some related matters.
When Mr. Thanh, the Master's son, was still alive, after several years, we became close friends, especially after I stood up to take care of lifting and moving the Master's mother's grave to near the Master's grave (Master's grave no.
Because it was too late after working with the cemetery management board, my student Son also had some personal matters to deal with, so we couldn't return to Mr. Thanh's (old) private house to pay our respects.

I have to call Mr. Thanh's nephew and make an appointment today, September 10, to go to the ancestral house of Master and the parents of Master Nguyen Ba Kha and Master Nguyen Ba Kha.
After the two teachers and students finished paying respects to the Master's ancestors, the parents of Master Nguyen Ba Kha and Master Nguyen Ba Kha, at the same time discussed things related to the Master's family graves with Mr. Thanh's niece at his home.
At more than 2:30 p.m., three of us teachers and students returned to Lai Thieu Cemetery to complete all issues related to the graves of the Master's family with the cemetery Management Board.
I sincerely thank God, Buddha, the Holy Spirit, thank Patriarch Nguyen Te Cong, Patriarch Dam Thieu Quynh, thank Ms. Nguyen Chi Dung, Mr. Nguyen Chi Thanh, thank the ancestors of the Nguyen Te family, the Nguyen family.
Please sincerely share with you.
Hanoi on September 10, 2019
Head martial artist Nguyen Ngoc Noi