Ceremony to build Wood staff for student Nong Trung Dung

Today I was very happy to join the Head of the Dojo, Master Tran Thanh Ngoc and a few students to build a Wood Person for student Nong Trung Dung. Setting up Wooden Nhan in the students' private homes in addition to arranging all aspects of the family is a very high determination on the path to follow the Wing Chun Noi Gia (VXNG) practice.

Wood Nhan is the only training tool of VXNG boxing and is also the training means of the final form, which is also the highest and most important form in the FUN TRAINING SECTION of Wing Chun Noi Gia.

Some people ask me: how long does it take to practice with Wood Nhan? I would say the fastest (like now) it would take 4-5 years to practice with Wood Person. They asked again, why is there a place to practice right from the moment you enter the Dojo? I also answered "Join the family according to custom"; With the VXNG Dojo, practitioners who have not met all the requirements in VXNG boxing, such as having to master two exercises 108 on the spot and backward, can only practice exercise 108 Wood Nhan. Therefore, the training period cannot be less than 4 years to be able to practice Wooden. I have written a previous article clearly talking about this issue.

The installation of Wood Plants in the private homes of my students will certainly continue even though dozens of Wood Plants have been installed in both Vietnam and Poland.

I am so happy to have students who show determination to go far, determination to succeed on the VXNG path.

Sincerely share my joy as well as that of the VN VXNGQ Dojo of our teachers and students.

Thanks for the interest of the people.

Hanoi on September 29, 2023

Master Head of VN VXNGQ Dojo

Nguyen Ngoc Noi